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Day 45



Ok so as of today, I'm feeling a little better than last time, which is good. I'm still experiencing some peeling around the sides my face but I definitely think that the AHA+ gives my face a smooth glow and after I use it for a little longer I'm hoping the flakes and dryness can go away completely. Today I actually got a compliment that my face had a "glow", so that made me feel a little better- considering I've dealt with every comment from "you look so tan!" to "why is your face so red?" over the past month and a half.

My Regimen is pretty much the same. Morning and night, I use about 2 pumps (probably less because I don't push down all the way) of the cleanser and I try to be really gentle. I towel dry it and wait 5-10 minutes while I get ready. Then I do a full middle finger length of BP and I dot it around my face with my finger and rub it in gently. After that dries (usually 10-15 minutes) I make my "epic moisturizer". I squeeze 1 full pump of the Cetaphil lotion in the palm of my hand, followed by about 2-3 little lines of AHA+ (covering the pump of Cetaphil), and then about 6-8 drops of Jojoba oil. Then I mix that all in together with my finger and I dot it around my face like the BP before I rub it in. Depending on how much of the AHA+ I use (I'm still trying to slowly build it up) sometimes it does burn and it gets red, while other times it's really not that bad. In the morning I'll use closer to 1 or 2 lines of it so that I can go out and not be asked why my face is so red. Then at night I tend to build up and take more risks because I'm just going to bed, so at this point I'm using around 3-4 lines.

Anyway, my face is definitely noticeably more smooth and glowy. Again, I still feel like I have all of the same acne that I've always had, it's just lighter. Of course it's good that it's lighter, I'm just getting impatient and I want to look in the mirror and not see any spots on my face. I guess that will take some time.. Until then I'm going to keep trying!


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