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Non-Inflamed Whiteheads



I've been getting a lot of non-inflamed whiteheads lately, especially now that I've stopped using the BP. The problem with the BP was I needed to use it every day to control the whiteheads, but my skin can't take that abuse. It would get irritated and dry and I would end up with more inflamed acne. I've decided I would rather have non-inflamed acne lol. I'm hoping since green tea has been shown to be as effective as BP that they will start to go away slowly, but I'm going to add AHA every other night to my routine. I can't use that every night either because it burns and stings :( But at least the AHA doesn't dry out my skin like the BP does.

I've also changed the moisturizer in my routine. I was using a natural moisturizer but nothing has ever moisturized my skin like Dan's moisturizer, so I'm back to using that with a little bit of jojoba oil added to it. I've tried many moisturizers and most still leave my skin feeling tight and lacking moisture. If there's one product of Dan's I recommend it would be the moisturizer :) For people with super sensitive dry skin like me anyway.

Today I am feeling hopeful. Since starting my new routine last night the redness from my existing popped pimples has decreased and I only woke up with one new pimple this morning! Yes, I pop my pimples, only when they are ready though.

I also got my Jane Iredale makeup today. I'm hoping the switch back to mineral makeup will make my skin happy and I end up with less pimples. To be determined.


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