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Starting My Second Month.



I'm a couple of days into my second month of 40mg claravis. My skin is changing. I'm not anywhere near as oily as I was a month ago, it's really sort of a miracle. I'm not all shiny, my collars aren't all oily after a long day at work. My pores are different. Before accutane a lot of my pores would excrete white stuff if I squeezed them, that's almost completely gone now. For the last week or so I've been noticing these things in my pores, google says they're filaments. Some are big enough to pull out with tweezers.

I still get some cystic pimples but I've only had a handful of really bad ones since I started and overall my breakouts seem to be changing. My derm told me I'll see the biggest change at the end of the second month.

I have had some side effects. My skin and lips get super dry. I'm coating myself in lotion every morning after I shower. I have to coat my lips with stuff what seems like dozens of times a day. The derm recommended Nivea for both, which I agree with. I get some mild eczema here and there around my wrists and the derm gave me something that gets rid of it. I felt sluggish and sore when I first got on accutane but honestly now I don't have that at all.

I'm considering switching away from my 10% BP to maybe something like 2.5%. Maybe I don't need BP anymore? It's been so long that it's hard to imagine using something else.

Overall I'm very hopeful. I'm been something of a hermit for the past month. Partly because of a couple of really bad pimples and partly because I'm trying to cut down on beers. I've really hoping that things stay relatively clear and improve so I leave the house this weekend, we'll see.


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