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Stress Is Comin'



Last week I mentioned that my acne was coming back and it was likely because of how unhealthy I've been since I started working at Dunkin' Donuts.

Well I won't have to worry about that much anymore because I got laid off!! :'D

Yes, that's sarcasm. I'm actually really bummed out. Only worked there for 2 months but, damn, I made a lot of good friends.

And I was finally making money.

But it is what it is. I was laid off because my hours of availability weren't fitting with that they needed, and that's because I'm back in school and taking 5 classes.

Now instead of just finding another job, I'm looking into volunteering at clinic like most of the other people in my major.

Back to acne talk: Now that I'm off acne meds, I actually break out whenever I'm on my period. I mean yeah I'm broken out practically all the time nowadays, but I've noticed my acne is much more aggravated when I'm on that time. And I've also noticed that it's always my left side that's broken out more, so yea, I do indeed now have a "good side" when I take photos.

I'd also like to mention that I'm kinda done with Epiduo. I really REALLY don't see it doing anything anymore. Some months ago I said I didn't see it helping my acne, but because I was told it may still help hyperpigmentation I kept using it. But now I really don't see any improvements in my skin, so I'm pretty sure that once I'm done with this bottle, I'm DONE.

Lastly, I mentioned back in December that I'd ordered the LUSH coalface cleanser and that I was super excited to try it out because I heard it was great at controlling oil. Welp I've been using it for weeks now and it hasn't done anything for me. :'(

I still have an insanely oily face in the mornings, and when I put on foundation it only last about 2 hours before my face is a greaseball. But at the same time there are some foundations I try targeted towards oily skin that leave a bunch of dry patches on my cheeks and chin! :'((

Whhaahh.. when will this end...


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Mels!!! OMG I am so proud for happy for you that you are completing your major!! My school daze are long gone but I remember working and school-tough combo. I am glad you are getting into internships and clinic volunteering.!!

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Thanks so much Leanna!! I've already got a clinic in mind to volunteer at, and hopefully that opens the doors to a job there too!! (My cousin has a friend working there and said just that (: )

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