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Day 38




Ok, so since last time everything is pretty much the same, except I'm using more AHA+ and my skin is pretty dry on my chin and in some certain areas. It's not flaky and I can't really peel it off, it just looks slightly white especially on my chin and around my mouth. So that's pretty frustrating because for a little while there my dryness was completely gone.

Anyway, I'm currently using a full pump of Cetaphil with 6 drops of Jojoba oil and a medium sized squeeze of AHA+ (a pretty good amount, but not as much as the pump of Cetaphil). Anyway, I mix that all together with my finger and then I apply it all over my face, morning and night. (Before I do that, I also apply a full middle finger length of BP)

So in the beginning the AHA+ wasn't having any kind of real effect on my face- it wasn't red or burning or anything. Now that I'm using more of it, my face does get slightly red in some spots and it's pretty itchy right after I apply it. I also gained 1 new pimple over the last couple of days, which is something that hasn't really happened at all since I started the Regimen, so that's really weird to me.

I know that I'm still in the early stages of AHA+ and that is probably what is causing the dryness again, but hopefully after another week or so it will actually do what it's supposed to and help the dryness. I also STILL have the same acne marks that I've had this whole time, which is annoying. They have definitely faded, but they're still not gone, even with the AHA+. I guess with this you just need to be patient, and so I'm hoping that with time I really will have porcelain skin like they say.

My goal from the beginning was to have completely clear skin (or at least mostly clear) by my birthday. My birthday is on March 26th and I began the Regimen on January 2nd, so that's almost 3 months. At this point I still have well over a month to achieve that goal and I've already improved a lot- so I'm thinking that it really is possible. Hoping for improvements soon!


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