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Week 6 (Day 50)



Wow... almost seven weeks in, which is almost 2 months. At times, I feel as if I am making progress and then at other times(like tonight), I feel like i am taking giant leaps back. I discovered a cystic pimple on the base of my neck which suddenly popped up (food related maybe?). I have also broken out in smaller red bumps on my left chin, almost in the same area I broke out a week or so ago. This past week has been decent so tonights new discovery really sucks. I'm trying to track to see if my breakouts are period related. Last cycle:

a week before = increase acne

period week = clearing up

a week after - increase acne

after that = clearing up

Then Cycle Repeats

I guess i'll have to wait and see.

I go see my derm Tuesday so i'll update my regimen.

Hopefully every new breakout means i'm closer to clearer skin.

Edit: I had Qdoba for lunch and just noticed that their steak has whey in it. Eating it and then getting a cyst on my neck-makes sense. It could also be responsible for the cluster action I have on my left chin. Dammit!

UPDATE: So i just got back from my follow up with my derm and she actually gave me a compliment. She said my complexion was looking much better and that I was sporting less acne than she has ever seen on me. We decided that since differin is doing something, albeit very slowly, we'll carry on until week 14. I go back sometime in April so hopefully things will have been more consistent. It would be great to finally have my summers back and not have to worry about how horrendous my skin looks.

I will continue to update every week or so so stay tuned!


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