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Week 1- Epiduo




I have decided to start tracking my progress while on Epiduo. Although it has only been a week big things have come up.

A little bit of background information... I started to get acne when I was in the 5th grade (now a senior in high school) and it was pretty bad. I remember always having at least 5 pimple on my face with new ones appearing everyday. I did the worst thing you could possibly do throughout this entire time which is picking at them! Don't do it! I had so many people telling me to keep my hands off my face but I couldn't help it I just wanted them gone. Well, in the long run that was a terrible idea because now I have a lot of acne scarring on the sides of my cheeks. Since the 5th grade my acne never really subsided until about a year ago. I began using the Clarisonic which helped my skin soooo much! I love the product and totally recommend it! It cleared my face right up. However I still could get the occasional breakouts once a month and still had the bad acne scarring from previous years. So just a few months back I visited a dermatologist. At first me prescribed me a Tretinoin facial cream which did absolutely nothing for me. I went back and that is when he prescribed me Epiduo along with a one month prescription of Minocycline.

During this first week of using Epiduo, it was pretty harsh. I have used it 6 out of 7 nights this week. The first night I used it nothing really happened except my face became VERY red. It didn't sting but it was very red. I made the mistake of using a moisturizer that night because all it did was make my face more red. Second day, same amount of redness but this time it started to sting really really bad. However, I already began noticing my acne marks on my cheeks becoming less obvious which I was amazed about! Again that night I made the mistake of using moisturizer again. (You'd think I'd learn the first time..) Now the tired day is when things started getting bad. I woke up that morning with terribly red skin that was flaking and burning like crazy! I had to go to school like that and let me tell you it was extremely embarrassing. That night I didn't use Epiduo because I wanted to see how my face would do a night without it. Thank GOD I did because that really helped. I got a new moisturizer (Cetaphil) which I can now use daily without it burning my face. Since skipping that one day my face really has gotten better. It is still red after applying but it no longer burns anymore when I put it on and it still flakes during the day time so I don't know when I will be able to start wearing makeup again. I can tell that my acne scarring is a lot less noticeable than it was before.

If anyone has used Epiduo or is just starting I would love to hear your feedback or any tips that you may have for using it!


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It has been a pretty good week. Days 7-11 my skin was still very dry and I could not wear makeup because my skin was flaking so bad. I have had no breakouts thus far and the redness is really starting to go away. By the end of the second week I could wear my makeup and my face was feelings very smooth and soft, moisturizing twice a day, sometimes three. I use my clarisonic face cleanser one or twice a week depending on how my face feels because I don't want to over dry it anymore like it was. My face is no longer burning when epiduo is applied THANK GOD, that was a nightmare, and thankfully I am not experiencing any breakouts or stinging when wearing makeup. Hopefully things keep looking up like they have been. I feel pretty lucky so far not having the crazy breakouts I hear many people get, but fingers crossed! :)

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i started using epiduo a little bit less then 2 weeks ago and it cleared up and made the pimples on my forehead a lot less visible. expect now i sometimes get new under-the-skin pimples everyday which can be quite painful, but i am not completely sure that epiduo will clear those ones up because they are under skin mostly. 

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