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Caveman Regimen- First Week



So I started the caveman regimen 7 days ago (on the 24th January) and I'm basically going to be blogging about how I've found the whole experience of the regimen, so you guys know what to expect if you try it in the future.

For the last 4 years, since I was in Year 8 (12 years old), I've had mild acne. At first I wasn't that bothered, but after about 2-3 years of having it people started commenting and I became really self conscious. I refused to go out if my skin was looking bad and I even bunked off school once because of it. Anyway, about 4 months ago I stopped washing my forehead because my fringe was fairly long, so covered it anyway, and I noticed that I stopped getting any spots on it at all, and until a few weeks ago I completely brushed that off.

I would look at other guys my age and wonder how they had better skin than me. I knew that my routine was much 'better' than there's and that they used no facial products, and sometimes didn't even wash. I spent hours looking on the internet for ways to clear up my skin, and eventually, after all those hours, I came across they caveman regimen.


Wash once or twice a day using WATER ONLY. This means no facial washes, cleansers, exfoliators or scrubs, whatever you want to call them. No toners, no moisturisers and no spot creams. I.e. benzoyl peroxide, clearasil etc



When I first started, on a saturday, I had a few white heads and over the weekend they had reduced massively. I could already tell that this regimen was working after 2 DAYS!!

As the following week has progressed I have had quite a few white heads but I just see this as a detoxification process. From what I've already read, and I've read a lot, this will continue to happen for another week maybe, and afterwards my skin will be as soft as a baby's bottom. I've already noticed a huge difference after 1 week, and I'm really hoping for great results.

I have popped the odd white head, but I've noticed that they go away quicker when you leave them for about two or three days and them they'll easily peel off.

Your skin WILL become flaky, but this is TEMPORARY and it's a minuscule price to pay for the potential results.


1) Wash face with cleanser as soon as I wake in the shower

2) apply a toner using a cotton ball

3) apply moisturiser to face

4) apply benzoyl peroxide to affected areas

5) apply clearasil or other creams to individual spots



1) In the shower, wash hair and let water trickle onto face

2) every 2-3 days, in the shower, wipe face gently for around 5 seconds (to remove oils)


With my new routine I feel so much better, and I am not preoccupied with washing my face all the time. I am free to go out and not worry about how my skin looks. I can FINALLY enjoy my life!

I will update this blog weekly.

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CAVEMAN is the most ineffective routine. It is not medically supervised nor under the advise of any dermatologist. One, you need a sunscreen. Everyone does. You also need to clear out your pores like with tretinoin. You also need an antibiotic to prevent large cysts. If you are female, Birth control pills and spironolactone.

Please don't know this. It will only ruin your face. Other have done it. It never works long term. You will have so much dirt and oil plugging your pores, you will be very ill with ski sick infectus. Please get professional help. I cleared my acne using multiple medications all prescribed by a dermatologist.

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