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so basically i switched brands of tretinoin 2 weeks ago. i switched from nuderm obagi tretinoin to retin a. i don't know if i'm getting another initial breakout but i'm getting a lot of pimples on my cheeks and temples.

- bumps on my head are way lesser

- lighter and more even skin tone ( but still shitty)

- with good lighting i kind of glow haha

- papules and pustules but no more cystic shit (i think) on my temples and cheeks

- my boxcars are actually lightening up and getting shallower

- i'm less oily, i think

i've been on tretinoin for so long and i'm still getting breakouts. i wanna change my regimen but i feel like i can't go any stronger than retin a. plus i don't have money so that does it. really do hope that it's in encoded in my genes that i grow out of this shit. it doesn't help that i'm surrounded by really clear skinned people.

vitamin d ran out yesterday so im going to buy next week

still taking vitamin a, zinc and niacin. hopefully my topicals and my supplements work.

10,000 IU of vitamin A, 44g of zinc picolinate and 500 mg of niacin daily

used to take 10,000 IU of vitamin D too before i ran out of it

i've started mildly breaking out again on my back and my shoulders. i kind of use my back as an indicator whether or not my supplements are working because i'm not really applying anything on my back. it cleared a week ago and now it's bumpy again.

also i've been religiously putting on sunblock

if you guys have any suggestions on topicals or supplements i should try please do comment! thanks! let's not lose hope battling this shit out of us


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