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It has been about 9 weeks since starting Ziana and about 3 weeks since starting Acanya. Skin is pretty much neutral. I believe My dark spots are still slowly reducing. Breakouts are pretty much slim to none. I may hv a white head when I wake up but it's gone that day. Honestly, I have probably had about 2 white heads in the last 2 or 3 weeks. I haven't noticed anything. Patiently waiting on fully clear skin but my skin is definitely good now.

Attached photo is now. Can't really see my blemishes, they exist, but the resolution on the camera isn't showing clear pic. Either way, my skin is much better so for now things are just neutral.


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Hi there. I am a 16 year old female on ziana and 100mg minocyline every night. Last year i achieved beautiful skin after 3 months on epiduo and doxycyxline but I became resistant so the derm switched it up. However I am 2.5 months into the ziana regimen and am not pleased. I haven't seen any improvement honestly and have just recently gotten huge cysts on my naturally clear forehead.... I get so hopefull from peoples stories that say after 3 months there skin improves greatly.., but then get very discouraged when I see those posts saying the product didn't work at all. Is it normal to still be on the initial breakout 10 weeks into ziana?

Also: the last month I have been using tea tree oil basically all over my face because I was so desperate to get clear and then applying ziana directly on top.... Just yesterday I read that tea tree oil shouldn't be mixed with a tretinoin (ziana) so I stopped today and will never use it again. Also I have always applied ziana in the morning and night but am now just doing night because I thought the overuse might be contributing to my breakouts. Thoughts?

Regimen: morning: wash with cetaphil oil control foam wash

Apply cetaphil oil control moisturizer

Night: same thing but apply ziana before moisturizer and take 100mg minocycline pill

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Hi, i wouldnt recommend putting other things on your face while treating it..it may cause irritation. I suggest drinking plenty of water, taking omega 3 such as fish oil supplements and multivitamins, very very light & gentle cleanser. I used napkins to softly dab my skin for cleansing. Or using coconut oil & rubbing it to clean then dabbing with a napkin. I used ziana at night and in the mornings. If ur skin feels tingly or burning sensation then only use at night. The acanya is pretty good for me too. I dnt put makeup over my skin. Trying to let my skin breathe. I dont let anything touch my face. Im just trying to figure out how to control it. Also, if yu wear ziana in the day definitely use a moisturizer for protection before going out. Hope that helps!

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