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Day 22



Today officially marks 3 weeks of me being on The Regimen, so I'm very excited about that!

I've been suffering with dryness a lot and the moisturizer and Jojoba oil hasn't really seemed to be helping much, so last night I was watching a few "week 3" videos and trying to see what other moisturizer options there were. In one video, a girl who had been on The Regimen for 3 weeks said that after putting some of the extra lotion on her neck, she realized that her neck (which wasn't usually dry) was getting dry. She said that the Regimen moisturizer is "the bad guy" in this trio, and I'd have to agree. Maybe if you stick with it longer it changes, but I'm almost done with the bottle already because I have to use so much, and my face only seems to be getting more dry.

Anyway, so after looking around on acne.org for another option, Cetaphil seemed to be the most popular alternative to the Regimen moisturizer. Some people reported breaking out after using the lotion for a week, some said it clogs pores, and others said it completely got rid of the flakes and is amazing. After thinking for a while and not wanting to change my routine, I finally just decided I had nothing else to lose. My other moisturizer is running low anyway, and I don't think it's possible for my face to peel and flake any worse than this. So today I picked up some Cetaphil at the store, and I just used it tonight for the first time...

I used 2 full pumps, which tomorrow I'm definitely going to cut back on considering it was kind of difficult to rub in. I like that it's white and not yellow, so it doesn't make my face look tan anymore. It makes my skin feel really soft, but it's hard to be gentle when rubbing it in because it feels more like a cream than a liquid. Anyway, I'm not sure about the results yet since I just put it on, but so far so good. Just hoping and praying that it doesn't make me break out and that it gets rid of some of the dryness.

I'm also just starting to notice that a lot of my "acne" is more like scarring, considering it's discolored but there is no physical bump and it's pretty impossible to get rid of. I can't wait for 2 more weeks to pass so then I can start trying to mix in AHA+ with my moisturizer. (I'm going to wait until I've been using the BP for 5 weeks)

Wish me luck!


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