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Day 2 (Clarus 40Mg Once Per Day)



Hey everyone!

After trying literally everything there is to get rid of acne, I went to my family doctor who referred me to a dermatologist. He asked me about when my acne started and what I had used/currently am using etc etc. He then took a good look at my skin and said we should try accutane - and my parents and I agreed. I got my blood work done and everything was okay. Instead of taking the classical pregnancy test, I just had to give a urine sample the day I got my blood drawn. And they will be doing it that way throughout the entire course.

Just because I am on accutane now, I won't be changing anything in my diet. I am still going to continue to eat healthy and of course, drink a lot of water/fluids (at least 4L of water every day, cranberry juice, green juice).

More background information about my acne can be read here:

It's veeerrryyyy long, and basically, I have very persistent acne which is only located on my cheeks (most of it is flat, but I do have a very small sign of acne conglobata on both my temples). I am very sick and tired of dealing with this and being the person that my acne is making me become.

So anyways, I took my first pill yesterday night after dinner. I will be on 40mg once per day for 30 days till my next dermatologist appointment. And this will be a 6 month course. Today, I woke up feeling good. No signs of dryness yet.

I will post pictures at the end of my experience.


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