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Week 5.1



I'm still the same maybe a little worse. But I was told that week 4 is the worst week. I'm hoping things will start looking better this week.i am sitting in a computer lab at school right now in the corner hiding my face. I do t want to be out in public or seen by anyone when my face is like this. I still have faith in this product. It's clearly doing something if it's bringing all of this crap up from my face. I been breaking out consistently almost since I started. But this and one in week 3 are the worst breakouts I've ever had. As I said earlier it seems like it's healing and it takes a LONG time to heal and just when I thought my breakouts where healing this came along worse than the last. This better end soon. I don't wanna quit now that I have wasted five weeks of my life using this product. I ha e nothing to loose now

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Please, please don't give up because it will get better. It depends on how bad your acbe is, the more acne the longer to get rid of. Most people stop at the point where all the acne comes up and then they think it don't work. What most people don't realize is that it's doing its jobs. You want it to bring all the bumps from up under the skin, so then it can rid the face of them all. So please don't give up f it tajes longer then 3 or 4 months to be gone.

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