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Day 17



Hello everyone! I know it's already been over 2 weeks but I didn't know about these blogs when I first got the Regimen.

So I have pretty decent acne all around my face in clusters- some on my cheeks, my chin, and my forehead. To give you an idea, I have about 50 pimples if I actually count each one. In the past I've tried all sorts of things with no success and right before Christmas I saw a video about The Regimen on YouTube, so I said "why not?" I can't jump to conclusions, but so far I think it was a good decision. I have definitely noticed clearing already, which is really surprising to me since I wasn't expecting it to work this fast.

The negative, at this point, is just the dryness. If it wasn't for the dryness and the huge flakes covering my entire face, this would be an absolute magical dream product. But the dryness does put a damper on everything. It makes it hard not to touch your face when you see skin peeling off and you have to go out in public- but we all know, never touch!! It's extremely hard to handle. At this point I'm cutting back my BP usage and I'm using 2 pumps of moisturizer with 8 drops of Jojoba oil, but the skin still peels through all of that. I've also cut down the lotion from 3 back to 2 pumps, since I've noticed that it makes my face look slightly tanned. It's actually noticeable and people have asked me if I went on vacation, so that makes it even harder to stay moisturized. Hopefully it'll get better soon since the dryness is only supposed to last 2 to 3 weeks. Then again, I've heard of people still having dry skin after 11 weeks. I'm really hoping that's not the case with me.

I'll update you guys at least once a week, probably more. :)


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Initially, my skin was very dry and very red but it goes. You just have to balance the amounts of PB, moisturiser etc. needed for your skin. It will work, good luck!:)

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