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January 14Th 2015



I went to the dermatologist yesterday, after dealing with acne for the past year. I've been put on Aczone, Aldactone, Ziana, and Solodyn. I am using Obagi face wash and toner and 'eminence clear skin probiotic moisturizer'. I know my acne is hormonal and I have a gynecologist appt. today to see about switching birth control. I'm currently on Lomedia 24FE. Before that I was on Avion. I've also done 3 sessions of skin rejuvenation, which is Lazer treatment. I have about 7 more sessions to go. I'm interested to see if this will clear my skin up. Fingers crossed.

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You are definitely on alot of meds both oral and topical. It seems that you are covering all the basics but it may be hard to tell what is working. I would caution against switching BC at the same time you start new meds as your body needs time to adapt to these changes. If your acne is truly hormonal, the spiro (aldactone) should help in 3-6 months. Stay positive. In regards to toner, you don't really need one when using a retinoid as you run the risk of severely drying out your skin

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