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Day 8 (Accutane 40Mg)



Hi everyone,

So over the past few days I got probably 5 to 10 new zits that were on my cheeks. They were all pretty small, but I was worried that my IB was starting. But when I looked in the mirror this afternoon, my face was not nearly as bad as I thought it was. So, I think that some of the zits that I got just went away because they were so small.

Still, not really experiencing any intense dryness. I obviously do have some dryness but it's not bad enough for me to be using moisturizer yet. My lips aren't really chapped but that's most likely because I have been applying lip balm religiously. I got a pretty bad headache a few days ago, but I can't definitively say that it was a result of accutane.

Anyways, just over a week done and I'm still doing OK! Hopefully this shows people that not every accutane experience is horrendous!


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