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So today I had a revelation about my acne, and decided to take semi-drastic measures for a month to see if I can achieve clearer skin. Here's my story:

My acne:

I am 23 years old, and my battle with deep, hormonal acne began about 3 years ago. Slowly, over the course of those 3 years, I have tried what I consider to be "everything" to get the breakouts to stop. To no avail. When it first began and was very new to me, i was trying a lot of at home remedies: honey, strawberry, banana, advil, yogurt, and egg masks. Oils (vitamin E and tea tree), benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid washes. Since I'm here writing this blog, obviously nothing worked. Ive always eaten very healthy and worked out, and I maintained that lifestyle. I tried to limit stress, get enough sleep, scrub my face every night before bed, take oral vitamins, drink green tea, eliminate dairy. I tried EVERYTHING I had read about at one point or another. I got an at-home blue light laser treatment. And yet, for 3 years, I have cried and stressed and obsessed more days than not over the "atrocity" that is my face. I feel inhuman at times. I am embarrassed to go outside, won't let anyone see me without makeup, every night is full of anxiety about where the next pimple will be the next day. and everyday, without fail, there are new ones. sometimes up to 15 new pimples within a period of 2-3 days. Its emotionally painful and exhausting and I have become an emotional wreck over my acne. It dictates my every move, my every encounter, my every emotion. Happy times are marred by the pimples that I am anxious about.

Once i realized this was more than an issue that i could deal with on my own, I started going to my dermotologist with requests. Over the next couple years I was put on a myriad of topical that never changed anything, I started on birth control hoping that would be my saving grace (it was not), I was put on doxycycline and then minocycline hoping that would sort everything out (it did not), and finally I began spironolactone about 2 months ago, hoping for instant results ( I have not seen any yet). And so I have resorted to this blog to track my latest journey that will begin today.

This journey:

an increased dose of spironolactone to 100mg, minocycline, beyaz birth control, blue light laser treatment every other day, red light laser treatment everyday, a low glycemic diet, and working out (even if i feel too embarrassed by the acne). I'm hoping that the low glycemic diet WILL be the saving grace this time, as short periods in the past that included clearer skin were also times that I believe I was eating a low glycemic diet and had less of an insulin need (I am a type 1 diabetic).

The past 2 days, I have broken out in about 8 new, deep pimples, on top of the dozens of huge red marks that I was already working to cover. And as I have been desperate in the past, I feel considerably more desperate now. I will post pictures and write about the journey, as I attempt to be strict with these plans. By the end of the month, i will have been on spironolactone for 3 months total, and I hope with every last bit of hope in me, that the combination of that with this new plan will yield clearer skin over the next month.

The burden of this disease has weighed so heavily on me for so long, as I know it has with so many of you. I can only dream of the day that I can be free of this.


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I feel for you! You have mentioned you tried BP but did you try it as regimen suggested by Dan? I have tried everything myself as well (including accutane) but the only thing that gives me lasting results and keeps me clear is Dan's regimen. I am also type 1 diabetic (21 years+). On the photo your skin does not look too bad, beautiful face too! Spiro takes time to work. If your hba1c is under control, you will see good results soon. Don't despair, it will get better one day!:)

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Best of luck to you my friend. Having out of control insulin levels does not help skin so hopefully a lg diet will help. Don't give up and keep on searching.

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