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Things Still Going Well



I thought I should keep my blog up to date as I hate when people just leave and you never know if their skin stayed clear or not. I am happy to report that things are still going great with my skin, I have been on my regimen for over a year and a half and have been totally clear of acne for just over a year. For those don't know I was put n Dianette birth control and Differin 0.1% gel In June 2013 after suffering from a really bad breakout which had been building up for about six months, cystic and a lot of blocked pores and really bad texture do to be too aggressive on my skin in an attempt to clear it. My skin started to settle down after 3 months on that regimen and then I was totally clear by six months, in other words no new cystic or larger spots and my texture beginning to improve. My skin has only got better from then, I think I have had about 3 noticeable spots since that six month mark and I can't even remember the last one that I had, my texture is back to what it was and my scarring is all but gone. I have two or three really shallow indents from the worst of my cystic outbreak but they get better all the time and I honestly don't notice them.

I have kept my skincare simple, only cream or gel cleansers, nothing with soap in it that foams and a simple moisturiser for day and something a bit thicker for at night. I now only use my differin once or twice a week especially now that we are in winter, I am trying to get back in to a better routine and use it every other night but so far I have not noticed any problems with dropping back on how much I use it, I still use my salycilic acid serum as well, usually during the day over my moisturiser or at night instead of differin, but again I've dropped back in the colder weather.

I have incorporated some masks in to my routine, Bliss Multifaceted, which has 10% aha and I usually follow this with a moisture mask from no 7, I try to do masks once or twice a week and they have really helped with what was left with my scarring. I also try to keep my skin as hydrated as possible, always moisturise after cleansing and before any topicals, I find my skin tolerates them much better that way, and I always cleanse and moisturise before taking a shower or a bath to make sure that my skin doesn't dry out. I have went from oily dehydrated skin to normal almost dry at times but this is so much easier to control and I don't even need to blot at all during the day.

I hope this gives those starting out some hope, it's not easy, it takes time and you need be consistent and gentle with your skin, do not go over the top with topical creams and keep your skin care simple and nourishing, even oily skin can be dehydrated but it takes time to balance things out, exfoliation is important thought, I prefer aha's and bhas to washes with beads in it, but always follow with lots of moisturiser and only exfoliate only a few times a week.

I'm even happy to report that my scar tissue left by a huge cyst I had, which had turned in to a hard lump under my skin, has now disappeared too, after using a massage technique when applying my topical creams and when washing my face. Gradually I could feel it getting smaller and now I honestly can't feel a thing. I have also switched my pill from dianette to cilest will no problems at all.

Time is a great healer as well as finding the right combination that works for you, things do get better.

Gill xx


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