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My progress on Ziana Gel. Ive attached pictures to show how my skin looks after every week or so.

I started Ziana December 1 2014, I experienced burning sensation sometimes due to using too much of the product. Not too much peeling, but I have oily skin. I didn't experience dryness, again due to oily skin..I believe. Ziana started working for me instantly. Reduced breakouts and helped breakouts heal faster, also helped dark spots shrink at a decent pace.

Since using Ziana, I dont have those horrific break outs during that time of the month.

I haven't used any cleanser..Ive exfoliated every now and then with Biore detoxify daily scrub

(currently discontinued ). I believe this product is great. I just added acanya to my regimen, I'll be using acanya in the morning and Ziana at night. I will post photos of this as well to show my progress.

Background info- I'm 26 black female, and have had acne since about 18. I had a really bad breakout November 2014 that drove me to the Dermatologist. I believe my acne may be hormonal. I take supplements-zinc, fish oil, gla primose evening oil, and centrum multivitamins.. I believe that these supplements are really good...especially the fish oil and centrum multivitamins (for women). I have been on centrum and fish oil before the ziana and it really helped control my acne, I just know this from experimenting. I believe that birth control plays a role in acne, I used Nuva Ring for 6 years and I believe this contributed to break outs around that time of the month.

I'm posting here in hopes of helping someone overcome the dreadful acne that I have endured and am still dealing with. I have cleared my skin before with Duac, a gel prescribed by my dermatologist about 4 years ago...this is essentially the same as Acanya,,, which is why I'm adding Acanya to my Regimen.


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Good luck with your regimen. Retinoids are not an easy road but you seem to be doing really well. I have been on Ziana and had a so-so experience but may people report positive findings. Also, acanya should help tremendously.

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Thanks, yes my skin has greatly improved. However, these pictures are from a bad breakout..usually my skin isn't that bad but idk how it happened.

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