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Starting My 3Rd Month With Results! On Acctane!



I've seen quite a few changed since starting Accutane in November (which i've posted about on this blog). But right now, I can say for sure and with confidence that my back, neck, and chest are CLEAR of body acne and have been for at least a month now. I used to get pretty bad body acne and POOF it's gone! And my face is looking awesome! I feel really good about it! I have no new pimple right now. I can't remember a time when I didn't have at least one giant cystic pimple on my face. I hope I don't jinx my self. I hope it stays this way, and improves. There's definitely room for improvement on my face. Both my face and the upper half of my body are covered in scars- of every type. But at least now there are absolutely NO spots on my back to deal with and hide at the beach. I never wear cute dresses or tops and always wear my hair down. Now I dont eve care that there's still scars. Whatever. I'm wearing my hair up with a tank top for the first time since like the 5th grade. WOOH!!!

Feeling good & optimistic.

Hope the success continues!


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