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Absorica 30Mg Day 1



Hi everyone!

This website was such a big factor in helping me decide whether or not to finally bite the bullet and try Accutane (in my case, Absorica). I just took my first pill a couple of hours ago and to my surprise, horns have not grown out of head, yet.

A little history about me: I've had acne since I was 12 or 13. I have everything from blackheads to pimples to large cystic bumps on my chin...and one monster in particular smack in the middle of my forehead. That "monster" is the main reason I have had to resort to Accutane. It has a tendency to swell to the size of a ping pong ball and once it subsides (after injections), it leaves a huge scab and a red scar for months. The best part is that it tends to come out at the worst possible times. This most recent visit was one week before Thanksgiving and my much-anticipated vacation to the Bahamas. Hats can only cover so much, people. It is pretty embarrassing to have to cut bangs just to cover up a huge scab in the center of one's face. You get the idea.

So here we are. My doctor gave me a 60mg RX which is two 30mg doses/day, but after some research I've decided to start with one 30mg/day to see how I tolerate the drug. I am very sensitive to medicine, and admittedly a bit of a hypochondriac, so I want to go easy on myself. I am 130lbs and am 5'4" tall, so it seems like 60mg is a very high dose. I was thinking she would start me at 30 and move me up to 40 or 50. I plan to discuss this with her when I go back in because she told me she was starting me at 30, which I was fine with, but I didn't think she meant 30 TWICE a day. I don't want to relapse but I also don't want to lose my mind or my hair.

That's all for now. I'll check in soon!



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i weight 155 and did 60mg/day, 60 for you seems high. Absorbica is the most powerful drug of all Istotretonins as it has the highest absorption rate 60-70% even if you just take it with water, so worst case scenario you might be getting a dreaded initial breaktout BUT rest assured you will have clean and clear skin that will last for months or years after you are done with the treatment.

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I didn't realize it was the strongest - thanks for the info! I would think that 40mg for the duration of my treatment should do the trick once I'm done with my 30mg for one month. Is there any way to avoid the "initial breakout"? Does dosage have anything to do with it? Thanks!

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