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Week 2 (Day 13)



Well, it's been almost 2 whole weeks of using differin nightly and I'm still alive - Woot! Woot! The last couple of days have been relatively ok with acne popping up here and there with the most swollen of the bunch going down. Today, it seems I am breaking out in numerous red bumps where else but on my chin/mouth area. A lot of people report the 2nd week of being the week when they start purging so trying to keep that in mind as I watch my face deteriorate to crap. The color of my skin is an ashy red and acne seems so much redder due to the cold weather too. The good news is that I have been going to the bathroom regularly and drinking a lot more water due to buying a water bottle (my goal is to refill it 3 times throughout the day).

Still taking my supplements religiously ( i ran out of vitamin E but I ordered some and should be back on it in a week or so). No noticeable improvement in terms of acne but again I will wait the three month period before deciding if it is improving things ever so slightly. Diet is so-so so just trying to find the motivation to keep on keeping on. Still dairy and gluten free though.

Emotionally, I've been taking my acne in stride so no emotional meltdowns. Yesterday I took myself out of the house to attend a meet up for people who have been diagnosed with a mental disorder (for me its clinical depression). It was amazing to be in a room with people who were going through the daily struggles just as I was. I plan to keep on attending and I'm hoping to eventually meet some friends. Wish I had the option to meet up with other acne sufferers from this site. If anyone every wants to chat or skype or whatever, I'm open to the support.


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i thought you were on accutane, now i read and it's Differen....hit me up anytime to chit chat, keep your head up, it could be worse, as you age it will only get better as far as acne goes

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I had to stop accutane 1 month in because i ended up in the ER with high liver enzymes. Now i am back on topicals and seeing a naturopath. I agree that it could be worse. As for getting better with age, I highly doubt it as i am 31 and female so if hormones are my main issue, it will most likely something I will have to live with for a while.

Thanks for the encouragement.

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