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So this is my first post and I really just feel like ranting. I first got acne when I was in the 7th grade, around the time when I first got my period. My acne stayed pretty bad until the beginning of my freshman year when I lost a bunch of weight and my period stopped. All throughout freshman year i had PERFECT skin. Thats when I realized my acne was directly related to what I eat and my hormones. it sounds obvious but eventually i realized my weight was not healthy so I packed some heathy pounds. I am now a junior and my period has been back for about a year now and i actually have some curves :) sadly with the period my acne came back, and stronger than ever. I recently went on birth control to try and control my hormones, but so far no luck. I'm not sure if i should switch pills... anyways, I've tried everything and i am completely exhausted fighting acne constantly. all my friends have prefect skin and eat like crap and don't wash their face regularly. they don't understand how lucky they are. i get so angry whenever they complain about one tiny little pimple when I'm over here with 10X the acne they do.

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In the long run, your healthier habits will pay off. I am 32 and still struggling with acne, now its a mixture of regular and cystic. Keep on keeping on. Have you been to a derm for topicals. Hormonal means can take up to 6 months to BEGIN to work so patience is in order. In the mean time, keep doing what you're doing and recognize that you are not your acne.

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