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Hola All,

Merry Christmas!! I hope you all celebrated in style with lots of family and loved ones!

My apologies - I have missed Week 7 as I have been on holiday in China over Christmas and a lot of websites are banned there, including this one!

However I am pleased to say that all is still going well with the treatment. I am starting to notice more severity in the side effects, my hands are starting to crack and I'm having to moisturise them as much as my lips...(accutane still has NO MERCY on my lips...) I've posted a pic of the backs of my hands where you can see the dryness

I only had one spot over holiday and it went in less than a day really. I'm able to start eating dairy again and more sugar/sweeteners - as before dairy (cream, milk & cheese being the worst) would cause breakouts, as would foods with refined sugar and some sweeteners. Self control is of course a lot harder now! o.O

The scars continue to fade slowly but surely, it's very difficult to find the patience when I'm seeing such a great results so far. I have posted another pic so you can see the difference from the pre-tane photo in my earlier posts.

Will keep you updated, now that my mojo is back I'll be posting more pics so that you can see the real journey my skin in on at the moment




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Looking good, but your lips don't seem bad. after you shower or wash your face does your lip like sting and burn until you put some heavy moisturizer? is your face ashy or flaky? how often have you been getting acne during the second month's end?

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my lips don't sting at all, just really dry and flaky, so i'm constantly using lip balm - the best one I've got is the Nivea Essential one, it's perfect.

My face isn't ashy or flaky, if I don't moisturize then yes I can see a few scales here and there but I'm religious with my creams morning and night.

No active acne since ending my initial breakout 10 days in, apart from one small spot early last week that went away very quickly :)

What dosage are you on? More than 40mg?

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