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How Acne Affected My Life



Ok first of all I do not know why I'm writing this entry, I guess I just want to pour out my feelings and emotions on something. I remember the days when I had clear face at about age 11, I remember complaining about the littlest things, I love taking pictures, I like having the flash of the camera on my face. , I started having these really bad breakouts when I was 12, at first I didn't think nothing of it, then it got worse and worse up to the point that I will skip school because of it, when I pass people in the school and the street, I try to pretend that I'm fixing my hair, fixing my hat or scratching my face just to cover up my face, all my confidence when I had a very clear skin are now all gone and my embarrassment of going out in public is ruining my life, sometimes I find my self blaming god for my acne, i find my self screaming 'why?! Why do you have to take away my teenage years!? , i can't even look people in the eye, I hated mirrors, everytime I pass one, I try very hard to resist looking at it. My acne had ruined, i have tried many products, eating healthily, drinking lots and lots of water, and none of that work, I hated bright places where people can see my face clearly and It really hurts me. When I'm sitting in the couch watching TV or just sitting on the bus stop and I see all these people with clear faces and think 'why do I have these pimples!? And these people don't '

I doubt that anybody would read this but that is all I've got to say


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I feel for you..! Ive started having bad break out since i was 16 and i was also just a normal teenage girl who was dying to look beautiful.. I'm at age of 20 now and still acne is over my face.. I get you totally.. It seriously threatens my confidence and social life :( I am currently taking Accutane as my final final final treatment (i wish). If u have tried all available treatments from antibiotics to birth control, u should def. go check accutane..! Try finding info. on Youtube or this website.. i feel that you are fraustrated bcz of acne like i do sometimes but dont keep that long.. This shall end..! :)

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I know what it's like to avoid looking at yourself with mirrors in front of you. Have faith. It will all take a turn and get better.

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