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Witch Hazel And Tea Tree Oil Vs Cystic Acne



SOOO...i went to the doctor for acne on my legs which i thought was weird. Ive always had very light acne on my face but not really my body and she told me it was probably an infection and prescribed me bactrim. It worked sooo well omg everything was clear my skin was awesome. So i finished the bottle. Two weeks later i started getting really bad cystic acne which i never had before in my life. It was on my inner thighs and face just everywhere ! I literally cried because i thought my skin was like this forever. I started looking up acne cures and noticed other people had problems with antibiotics too. Tea tree oil was the first thing i tried it seemed to work on the cyst but i still got black heads. So i found Witch Hazel. It works so well. Its been 5 days and i see a huge difference. I use Dickinsons witch hazel on a cotton pad twice a day and then use a q tip to dap tea tree oil directly on the pimples and let it dry. The pics are only 5 days apart. I think it was a nice improvement.


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