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Getting Closer To 2 Full Months On Accutane



I'm pretty much just writing this blog so that any one considering Accutane has a better idea of what they might expect. I know I wanted as much information as I could get before and after going on in. I was recommended it when I was 16 or 17 i think, nearly 10 years ago. I don't think it is safe to go on Accutane that young because your body is still developing, there is a lot going on hormonally, as well as socially and mentally. I waited until I had tried many other options before my doctor convinced me this is really the only thing that will help my particular case.

Anyway, here's my update! (warning: not for the faint of heart)

Still getting acne, but less. Its complicated though.

I have a smallish hard pimple right above my upper lip, like half on it. It is so painful. It is hard as a rock and when I look at it or poke around at it, the hard spherical thing turns BRIGHT whitish yellow under the skin. But it's not a head. As soon as I back off with my hands, or stop stretching it with the face I'm making, the hard thing settles back in. But if I smile, its popping out under my skin. It's hard to describe. This is how all my pimple have been since on accutane. They are the same as usual for me- hard cystic balls of puss that come from under my skin and rise up to the surface but never pop. Once the pimple pops it turns into a scab that lasts weeeks upon weeks. Even my regular scabs and scratches all itch and last for ever. I'm constantly peeling layers of scab off. They just keep peeling, making the patch bigger than the pimple ever was. So I might be getting one pimple at a time now but it goes away and leaves this nasty scab for so long. Then a new one pops up while the scabs of the past are still there. Still, it's less.

My hair is falling out more. Just one single strand at a time, randomly. If I run my hands through my hair or brush it, I might get a strand or two. It is definitely not noticeable and I'm not nervous about it. Hopefully if doesnt get out of hand. Apparently it is normal. However, my hair is so much less oily than it was. I alwaaaays had greasy hair by the end of the day. Now I can go at the least 3 days without washing it, maybe more if i was curious to fiind out. This is good for me.


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