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Minocin & Isotrex: Three Week Update With Pictures



Always good to have a starting point:






It's pretty obvious that my skin looks worse since I started this treatment. The second 3 week update photo is of the right side of my face, which is suffering from a lot of red marks at the minute. I suppose it's better than the nodules/pustules that were there before, but it's still not the prettiest, unless you like your ladies with red skin beards.

The left hand side of my face, which wasn't affected whatsoever, has also exploded. At the minute it's ripe with whiteheads and about five under the skin lumps. The only good thing is that they all seem to come to a head pretty quickly, usually overnight, and take a few days to die off afterwards. The negative aspect of this treatment is that I'm developing a lot more acne than I ever have before, so it feels like a 'one step forward two steps back' situation right now. In the past, any treatment I've taken has resulted in a gradual, steady improvement, but at the minute, I don't know what I'm going to get when I wake up in the morning and go to the mirror. It's frustrating, but I'm trying not to let it get to me. I went home to my mom's this weekend and we talked about it, and my resolve to be positive is a lot stronger than it was the last time I wrote in my blog. My problem areas are my chin and forehead. I don't have acne anywhere else and it doesn't cover my entire face, and for that I should be thankful. I still wish so hard for a smooth, clear complexion but I'm just going to have to be patient and hope for the best.

In other news, I bought a hydro-cortisone cream to treat the itchy red skin on my neck and it's gone down a lot. I developed some dry skin patches on my eyelids and the corners of my eyes too, so I purchased a new moisturiser- Aveeno, and I've been experiencing a lot more relief than I did with the Elave. It's super sensitive and contains oatmeal, which has been great at alleviating any irritation. I'd highly recommend it; my dry eyes are almost normal again and I've only been applying the new moisturiser for two days.

It's likely my skin is still purging. My first experience with an IB and it's hard to see beyond it! I suppose if I'm prescribed Roaccutane by my derm in January this is something I should be prepared for. Being the most impatient lady in the world doesn't help. I have a renewed respect for everybody who weathers this storm with more dignity than I am! Something that's taking some guts is going makeup free. I don't really see a point at the minute as I actually just find it uncomfortable, particular after a few hours when my concealer starts to crack. By the time I finish a working day I just want to get home to my Cetaphil cleanser to get it all off my face! Cetaphil is legitimately my best friend right now. My sister even wants a bottle for Christmas! She's a wise lady.

More updates to follow.

Pee x


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