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Epuris Week 5



I've been on Epuris since November 13, 2014. My initial dosage was 20 mg, and I took it for 30 days. My current dosage is 40 mg, as of two days ago.

Just as a quick background, my skin on its own (without any acne treatment) is normal-oily, and not too sensitive. My forehead is clear, but my cheeks and jaw tend to break out more often (a new pimple once a week). I have moderate acne, but tons of acne scars (those "gorgeous" dark spots that are impossible to hide). In terms of bodily acne, I occasionally get a few bumps on my back. The average healing time of a pimple (without treatment) is about 4 days once it's peaked. To be honest, I'm almost always using some form of acne control. The longest time in 8 years that I've gone without treatment is 1 month. So that said, I'm not even sure what my normal skin is like anymore.

The first week of my Epuris treatment was pretty normal, I think by day 3 the dryness hit me. I was pre-cautious though, and made sure to moisturize the moment I started the treatment.

Honestly, the first four weeks were great. I didn't get any new pimples until around the third week, and those pimples were huge and almost cystic -- I don't normally get those. My Epuris pimples were definitely more ugly -- bigger and took a few days to surface. They also take much longer to heal, leaving a dark spot in its place. As a matter of fact, I'm still healing from one that showed up 2 weeks ago.

However, I have noticed an improvement on my acne scars, they're mostly gone which makes me very very happy .

In terms of dryness, basically everywhere becomes dry (obviously haha). Some areas more than others -- my face, lips, arms and hands. Funny enough, I use different products for each of those areas.

I use a Facial Hydration Cream for dry skin on my face. I got this one from my doctor's office, dermatologic cosmetic laboratories (www.dclskincare.com). I absolutely love it. It's not too thick or thin, and it does its job. I apply it multiple times throughout the day (about 3-4 times). Although, since my dosage had increased to 40 mg, I might need to invest in a more heavy duty cream. We'll see. In terms of facial cleansers, I'm currently using both Cetaphil (normal to dry skin), and Spectro (dry skin). Spectro does a slightly better job of actually cleansing the skin whereas Cetaphil is just a washable lotion. I use Cetaphil when my skin is flaky, and I leave it on for about a minute before washing it off.

For my arms, I use Aveeno, my favourite. My arms don't get as dry/flaky as my face, they just get really itchy. I've also replaced my body wash, and now I use Aveeno Dry Skin. It's an unscented body wash that leaves your skin feeling so amazingly soft and smooth.

For my legs I use Johnsons Baby Lotion (Shea and cocoa butter). This lotion is nice for my legs since they don't get as dry/itchy. The consistency is relatively thin (I think that's why it's called a lotion and not a cream), so it just sits nicely on my skin. Plus I like the smell hehe.

For my lips, just plain old Vaseline does the trick. I bought two little tubes of it from the travel products section at Walmart. I keep one in my backpack, because reapplying is so necessary. With the 20 mg, my lips would get a little dry, but since I've been on the 40 mg, my lips are starting to peel and get rough. Not fun.

Another symptom that I've been experiencing is dry/itchy/watery eyes. I do wear contact lenses, but luckily I haven't experienced any discomfort when wearing them. When I remove them however, my eyes will get a bit teary and itchy -- but it's usually temporary.

Oh! I've also noticed that my hair is super super dry. Before starting the treatment, I would have to wash my hair every other day. And by the second day, my scalp would be itchy, and my hair would be really greasy (I use Head and Shoulders). Since I've been on Epuris, I can't wash my hair as often since it's so dry. It sounds gross, but I usually wait 4 days between washes, or whenever it starts to look/feel greasy. I don't like waiting so long, but hey, at least I'm saving some money on shampoo right? Haha.

To sum it all up, I'm really enjoying this treatment. The dry skin isn't as bad (or painful) as I thought (if you've been on Tactuo, this is nothing). The consumption of the pill isn't that bad either (ie. no stomach pain/cramps). I'm really liking it, so let's hope I see results haha.


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