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Things Are Starting Up Again



I'm at the end of my 8th week post-Bactrim, and, well, I'm getting a lot of white heads around my nose and even some pimples on my cheeks and jawline again :/

I was scheduled to see my derm last week, but I had to cancel and say I would call to reschedule later because I finally got a job (hurray!) and had to go to orientation. Haven't rescheduled because I'm not sure what hours they'll have me working. Not to mention I still have two more finals next week.

So, despite waking up to a super dry throat every morning because of the cold air of the coming winter, my skin is still super oily. A week ago I thought that it may be my cleanser (the Cetaphil antibacterial soap) that's made my skin this oily, so I immediately went online and ordered the Lush Coalface cleanser, since I hear that helps control oil pretty well. While I've been waiting for that to get here, I've been cleansing at night with coconut oil. I just rub some onto my face for a couple of minutes and then either wash it off with warm water, or dampen a washcloth with warm water and leave that on my face for a minute before I wash it off. I heard this would help control oil, and I think it may be working, but only a bit, for my cheeks. And like I said, I've been getting whiteheads around my nose and cheeks, so I'm wondering if it's causing that too. Also, I haven't been using Epiduo that much, just because once again I'm testing it to see if it really has been making a difference in my skin. Or maybe even just this winter is messing my skin up. Ahhhhhh---


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