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15 Days On Isotrex And Minocin



I was considering posting daily pictures but I thought it would be more effective if I shared them weekly- that way if there's any form of improvement it'll probably be more noticeable. Besides, there's probably only so many shots of my flaky, red chin that a human can handle! I'm not going to photograph the acne on my forehead either because the pimples are small, closed comedones, which I can deal with in comparison to my hot mess of a jawline!

Yesterday evening I came home to see that the concealer I'd applied to my chin/jaw had formed what looked like giant flakes of dry skin. I know, however, from painful previous experience that it is NOT a satisfying experience to peel these away. It does NOT magically reveal a fresh, new layer of unblemished face. The nodules are still lurking beneath so I've stopped touching the skin flakes. I'm finding it hard to cleanse my face now that it's so dry though- how do I make sure my skin is properly clean without accidentally removing any of these scabs in the process? I used my Cetaphil and fingers in the shower (I always try to cleanse and wash my face in the shower because I figure a constant stream of running water has to be more hygienic than filling the sink and using a wash cloth with increasingly dirty water) and let my face air dry (towels hurt even if I very gently pat dry) before waiting ten minutes and applying the Isotrex.

This morning I woke up and a lot of the angry red lumps on my face had shriveled up somewhat, and some had formed heads, but they're still there. This morning I had no new nodules or pustules, but my skin is still very red and tender.

A NOTE ON MINOCIN: I haven't written about any of the side-effects I've experienced since starting Minocin because there haven't been any. I developed a yeast infection a couple of days after I started but it cleared up within a few days after I purchased a Canesten Duopak from my local pharmacy. I'm now takjing a tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar in a cup of water daily because it's supposed to be a natural weapon against candida. But beyond that- everything's good.

I'll admit that I did expect to see even a minor improvement in my skin being on a strong antibiotic AND the Isotrex. I've never had an initial breakout before so I'm not sure if that's what this is yet, but I'm willing to wait it out and see!

Pee x


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