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Coming to the end of week 6 now.

Started using Cetaphil gentle wash and Cetaphil daily facial moisturizer with SPF 15. Got my 6 week check up with my derm on Tuesday, do not think ill get a dosage increase due to me being on 60mg a day and weighing 70kg. Started to get a rash on my top part of my hands but nothing a little aqueous cream can't sort out.

Still getting spots every other day, the initial breakout "seems" to be calming down (touch wood). I've grown abit of a beard to try and hide the spots but its abit patchy so i think ill need to shave it off in the coming weeks which i would rather down because it hides some of the spots. My nose is more or less completely rid of blackheads which is a plus. I seem to be getting weird random spots like one on leg, one back of ear etc.

I've cut down on the milk intake, i only have 3 glasses a day all with my tables to insure im getting as much fat as possible. Also eating alot of peanut butter.

I keep asking myself this stupid question and kept getting disheartened 'If Accutane didnt work the first time, why would it work the second time' - I have read and understand acne gets better after every course but still destroying my hope for this course to work, finger cross it does though.

Quick question - My Cetaphil moisturizer has SPF 15 in it and my course will run through the winter time would having SPF just clog up my pores and cause more spots or wouldn't it matter?

And after the initial breakout whats the chances of getting a secondary breakout down the line?


Thinking positive and praying everyday!


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