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Day 7 Accutane



My acne still seems to be the exact same it was when I started this medication a week ago, but early days I guess.

I was getting ready to go out earlier and realised I had eyebrow dandruff!!!!! Exfoliated and moisturised (with aveeno) and seems to be managed (for now).

Skin flaking off on cheeks, chin and inbetween eyebrows. I still have some colour left on me from summer so now my arms are all blotchy where my tanned skin has peeled off and showing the paler colour of me. Looking at the end result which I'm hoping is acne free, clear skin which will stay like that forever, if accutane was less successful than it is then I wouldn't be going through this treatment. I'm extremely self conscious so sometimes I think I would prefer a few spots than my skin pale, sore and flakey. Will let you know how I'm going in the next few days.


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