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Week 7



Every time I think that my face is finally clearing up, I experience another break out.. It is pretty discouraging.. Despite that, I feel like my breakouts are unclogging my pores. I still have a good amount of tiny clogged pores and a lot of hyper pigmentation. Besides that,

my face is pretty calm right now. Just a few tiny active pimples.. Second month is almost over. I hope the third month will show optimal results!! Also.. I'm on my fifth month of taking my birth control (after screwing up the order of my pills and missing a week).. I've been on Trinessa since 2010 and it only started to fail me this June (around the time that I was screwing up the order of my pills). That's why my Dr thinks the birth control will regulate my hormones again after a few months. I'm not sure if it will, but I hope so! Please, please, please work!


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