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4 Weeks Into Accutane



Well, I have not seen any miracles yet. Just a lot of OTHER changes. I feel like the medicine is prolonging the stay of the blemish actually. Like it's taking longer to heal up. My face is not really too dry or flaky. It peels a little here an there on my face, but the real craziness is on my hands, fingers, and arms. Basically when the old blemish is almost healed up it turns into a giant scab with flaky skin around. I peel it right off. So that's not bad. I am still continuing to get acne. As I've said, I get cystic acne. It's still coming up all over. I also have tiny black head all over my face. Like billions of them. I have never had blackheads before. They are very tiny but are literally in every pore. I notice them when I inspect my face but I know they are so miniscule, no one else would. Okay, so my lips are very chapped still. I put on chapstick religiously. I won't go anywhere without it. I'm using Aquafor plus whatever else I can get my hands on. Another change I see is in my hair. I used to have very oily hair and could not go a day with out showering. It would be very greasy by the end of the day. Now I can seriously go 3 days AT LEAST without washing my hair and there is no trace of oiliness. I am worried about this because my hair has always been healthy, shiny, and fast-growing. I hope the decrease in oils to my scalp doesn't affect it too much. Same goes for my nails. They feel hard and sensitive. On a nother note, I feel like my body is achey and stiff. I am going to the dermatologist today.


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