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Week 4



I am a little bit late posting due to Black Friday but unfortunatley my breakouts have come back again, I guess for round two of an "initial breakout". At the beginning of week three I thought that my breakouts has cleared up some but it seems as if that was only temporary. Anywho, it'll clear up completely someday!

I go back this Friday for my first appointment with my dermatologist since I've started accutane to see how my levels are and to take another pregnancy test so I can get my next pack of pills. I am thinking about asking if I can up my dosage so that I can get this over with faster.

Other than that, my side effects haven't been too bad. I get random pains in my back but I have always had a bad back so I don't really think its due to accutane.

I posted my week 4 pictures to my gallery...




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