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Holidays Are Not My Friend



My face is a hot mess all the time but there is something about holidays, outings and just trying to live a normal life that leads to more acne than usual. With thanksgiving and all the treats that come with the festivities , i count no less than 17 active pimples around my face not counting the ones scattered on my forehead. Nothing is working, not the supplements from the naturopath, not aczone, not diet changes and my stress free lifestyle, not anything. I feel as if i am wasting my time doing anything at all but not doing anything is even scarier. I see my derm on Tuesday and we decided to start on differin which has got to be the most useless retionoid next to ziana but because of my eczema, we have to start with something gentle. Not getting discouraged or putting my life on hold though because I know i am so much more than my skin. Hopefully, my outside will one day represent the inside.


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