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You Keep Failing Yourself And Your Skin



I've been reluctant to write this post. I know after I complete this post I'm going to be hard on myself and the things I'm doing in life. I'm tired of being lazy, stagnant, non moving, I hate getting stressed over it because then I breakout and then I become preoccupied with my skin.

I've been more than preoccupied with my skin, it has consumed my entire life, my entire life revolves around hoping that I will see improvement in my skin. It should be looking better by now, I'm on spiro, I'm using benzoyl peroxide, clindamycin, Tretinoin, Niacinamide, Azelaic acid. All these well researched ingredients that are supposed to be antibacterial and kill p.acnes. Yet I'm still breaking out.

Up until now, I guess I've been way too harsh on myself, way to harsh on my skin. Just last night I put on BP, washed it off aggressively, and took a long hot bath which was not okay. My whole face was red And it accentuated my post acne marks.

When I think about it, I only have a few active breakouts, and textural issues. Of course I've always had my plethora of PIH and PIE, but it will go away over time.

It's not that bad.

I've done everything I can on the skincare end, now all I have to do is stick to it religiously as well carry out the internal end of it, as well as other things

♥ Always sleep on a clean pillow sheet or 100% cotton tshirt

♥ Exercise daily if you can

♥ Drink at least 128oz of water everyday (8 glasses)

♥ Get all your work done!

♥ Never go to bed dirty

♥ Shower daily

♥ No dairy

♥ No sweets, processed foods, or processed sugars

♥ Go gluten free



I had pumpkin cake that has dairy and gluten and refined sugars in it, but I promise I won't eat anything else similar.



♥ Clean Room

♥ Read on treadmill

♥ Get on track

♥ Clean bathroom and organize skincare cabinet

♥ Organize makeup


I bought myself more of my favorite Paulas choice sunscreen as well as things to patch test, I'm excited! If the patch testing goes well for any of the products I will consider purchasing them.


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