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Will I Ever Fix It?

Joe moz


Its been some time since my last post. The last of my pimples was gone and I thought it was just a matter of time until everything went back to normal. Turns out I was wrong, I had a couple of minor breakouts, pimples

come and go. I don't even feel frustrated anymore, I feel defeated, not because of the pimples (I realize I will overcome them one way or the other), but because my face just doesn't look the same anymore, and I'm starting to think it never will.

I still hold on to some little hope though. This was my gap year after high school, I travelled a lot, it was very fun, but I slept very little, ate terribly cheap food, had some bad habits like drinking a lot of coke and eating chips everyday, had terrible hygiene and once I had my breakouts I also managed quite some stress. I realize this led me to acne.

The little hope I hang on to is that maybe now that I return, and I start sleeping and eating and bathing like I used to, maybe I will recover the beautiful skin I once had. Could it be possible? Ill put up a picture of early in the year and one from now so that maybe some one can tell me if acne left permanent scars or something like that, or maybe i just look bad because of my habits and I will repair it. Please, any reply will be helpfulblogentry-432243-0-22885600-1416874629.jblogentry-432243-0-46195400-1416874647.j


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