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Day 11 (Mid Week 2)



My boyfriend and I went to New Orleans for the Saints game this weekend and I woke up one night at the hotel and felt like I couldn't move my neck. Now, I am not sure if this is due to the accutane or if this bed at the hotel was just terrible, but either way it kind of freaked me out and I have heard that accutane will make your neck and muscles hurt. And also, with New Orleans comes drinking typically... I really toned it down this time though obviously (since I'm not trying to kill my liver) and just had a glass of wine at dinner the first night which seemed to be fine. And I started to drink a beer at the Saints game today but I started feeling kind of sick so I had my bf finish it instead. Was it dumb for me to drink at all on it? I figured one/two drinks wouldn't be a big deal.

As far as my symptoms have been going, I have not really dried out or anything yet because I am still using so much moisturizer of all kinds. But, the inside of my nose has started to hurt really bad and feels kind of dry. I guess that is the one place that I am not moisturizing. I also had some dried up blood in my nose too but I haven't had a nose bleed. One of my friends who took accutane back in high school told me that I should buy a humidifier to sit by my bed when I sleep to help with my nose and the dryness in general. Does anyone else recommend that?

I just uploaded my (not so pretty/slightly disgusting) week 2 pictures that I took last Thursday to my gallery... Really shows how bad the initial breakout has started off. Hopefully thats the worst that it will get. I have been using Makeup Forever Full Coverage Concealer to cover the breakouts and I have been using Bare Minerals matte foundation to try to even everything out.

11 down 168 more to go...




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