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Here We Go Again!



I know I said that I was done with blogging about my acne treatment but here I am again, blogging about my acne treatment. It's been the same mess since I was 16 but this time I have my growing Faith in God, a great holistic person and a very caring derm on my side. And while this struggle may continue for the long run, I vow that with God as my strength, I won't let it beat me down as it has in the past.

For those of you who don't know my history, here it is in a nutshell:

  • acne at 16
  • 4 courses of accutane with my last course discontinued due to high liver enzymes
  • did the regimen for a year with much success but developed facial eczema and had to stop
  • did salicylic acid, BP, various retinoids, AHA, natural stuff....

    My current regime is this:

    • aczone morning and night
    • 2000IU vitamin D (low vitamin D)
    • 2 borage oil pills (600) (hormone regulator)
    • 1 vitamin E pill (dry skin)
    • 1 chromium synergy pill (blood sugar)
    • 1 fem bal pill (hormone regulator)

    I've been on this regimen for about 4 weeks with no noticeable improvement to acne ( i break out everyday) but I'm not willing to give up. I know with hormonal stuff, it can take 3 to 6 months to see a change if it is meant to work for you. My derm wants to add differin to my skin care regimen in December so we'll see if my skin can tolerate it (i'm just happy aczone is not flaring my eczema though it does not seem to be preventing new pimples). I have no expectations of this treatment plan but since accutane is not an option anymore or maybe never again, I have no choice to wait and see.


Question? When you say four courses of Accutane do you mean four full treatments beginning to end or like 4 packs of it? Just wondering because I keep hearing that once I finish accutane I won't have to take it again. Hoping thats accurate... Also, I hope your regimen works for you! I know how bad acne sucks to have and not be able to get rid of. :( I've tried everything from A-Z with no success which is why I am trying accutane now.

Good luck to you! And hope to hear from you!

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4 courses over the years. i was clear 1-2 years between my 1st and 2nd course. 3rd and 4th course was a waste of time. Many people do stay clear but some of us just have too many other factors affecting us.

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