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My skin is peely and my lips feel a little funny. Make up isn't really doing me much of a favor. I have a photoshoot in 2 days. I'm hoping the peeling subsides a little before this. The make up artists can certainly cover my marks and bumps (although I wish this wasn't an issue to begin with). But the peeling will be difficult to cover up! Oh well. I've tried a lot of products but i'll share what has worked best for me over the years. None of these have eliminated by acne but have made it a little more comfortable. I should start by describing my skin type. I'm fair skinned caucasion of Scandinavian background. My skin varies between being very oily when it wants to be or having spotty dry patches on other days. It's kinda random. I want to say I'm more oily than dry, as I need to wash my hair every day because it gets greasy pretty quickly. So, I try different things but always stay with Pain Relief Cream Neopsporin. It comes out white and cream and I put that on a popped pimple and the scabs every night. it definitely make it heal faster and helps prevent scarring. I ran out of it and didnt buy it for a month or so and now I have scars from NTO using it. So I've seen it work. Aczone, a prescription topical gel works well. However, my skin gets accustomed to it and it will start to work less. So I take breaks from that and then go back to it. And tea tree oil. I usually dab a bump with tea tree oil, ice it, repeat. Then at night I put on the Aczone before bed. It will go down. But if its throbbing and surfacing, I'll pop that baby and dab it with tea tree oil and then Neosporin. Then continue with Neo every night unti the scab dminishes completely. Cetaphil lotion is the best lotion so far. I have very sensitive skin and it doesn't bother it. I wish I could use this every night but I often get scared to. The latest "line" I experimented with was Kiehls blue herbal blemish line. I thought it was working well until time showed me it was making my red marks brighter. I stopped using that. Of course, now I'm on accutane and i'm just using those basic products that are tried and true. No more experimenting for me.

I want to throw out all the products i've bought that don't work but I feel like it's such a waste!!

To the user who commented on my previous post, Leeann, I am on birth control oral contraception pills which serve those same purposes. I went on 6 years ago and my acne has gotten progressively worse. My obgyn has suggested to take me off completely and try the IUD instead. That way, it's a blank slate and there's just nothing being disturbed by the drug. I might consider this.



glad to hear you are a class model. Which birth control pill are you on. I take Tri-Sprintec and spironolactone. I have one pimple every 3-4 months. Also, Cephalexin or Amoxicillin have cleared me really nicely. Also popping pimples may reduce swelling but the pus inside the pimple contains bacteria that causes more acne in the surrounding tissue.

Thing I use to keep smooth and clear:

1. Benzaclin

2. Tretinoin

3. Cephalexin

Peace! Keep ya head up! ;)

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Thank you. I'm on Gildess right now. I'm into Accutane a couple weeks and I can see how I have popped pimples and made bacteria spread because now all these blemishes are coming up around old "hot spots". It's evident to me that it is pushing out dormant bacteria/pus. I will ask my derma & OBgyn about those products. I tried different retinol products (retin a, taz, etc.) and they were too harsh for my skin. How do you manage with that?

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