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Follow Me On My Accutane Journey



Day 10-

Hello everyone! I've started a post to document my experiences/effects of Accutane treatment. This is my first time on this medication so feel free to comment on your experiences, side effects, feedbacks, whatever: )

So far, I am on my Day 10 of Zenatane 20mg/10mg twice a day. My side effects include little bit of dry lips, little bit dry skin, I got the IB on Day 8, headaches, dizziness, fever, dry nose (inside). So far my skin SEEMED to improve until Day 8. I got hit with like 6 new zits all over my face and clusters of painful pimples in the side of my temple.

I will continue to document my experiences so feel free to comment!

Day 12-

Hello All,

So it seems like alot has happened within a two day period. My skin is currently dry. Oil is significantly decreased. I find that my face gets a little bit oily during the night time and not so much during the day time. My side effects are dry skin and dry lips but not severe enough that a moisterizer/chapstick will not work. No other side effects are experienced. I still am at 20mg once a day.

I like to do face masks every other couple days or so in order to exfoiliate the dead skin off so that my pores can breathe. I found an amazing mask that hydrates the skin yet absorbs the nasty gunk that is trapped inside the poor. The product is by Clarins-Pink Clay Mask. It is about $30.00 and it does an AMAZING job. I applied the mask last night and I found that alot of the pimples from my initial breakout started to purge out. With just a little bit of pressure, the nasty stuff came out of my pores and the breakouts are starting to heal. I applied some acne medication on to dry it out and it is working.

Unless your skin is really sensitive and REALLY dry, i find that doing a mask once or twice a week to exfoliate the skin really helps the pores to breathe. I hope this was my initial breakout and no more are to come. My IB was not any worse than my normal breakouts.

I will update again at my week-2.

Day 17-

So its been about a week right now since my update. I still have occasional very mild headaches but drinking some water makes them go away. Dry lips but nothing that Aquaphor can't fix. My skin is less oily but it does produce some oil, although not as much. As far as my skin, It is looking SLIGHTLY better than two weeks ago. Those bumps along my hairline and temple have SLIGHTLY subsited. One bad thing about this is that my scabs from squeezing the spots heal FOREVER to heal! Usually once i pop those effin suckers, it scaps and falls off within couple days or so. But no......not this time. It's taking a week or so. Frikkin A!~! Will update at week 3.


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