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1 Month Post-Bactrim



4 weeks ago I finally stopped taking Bactrim. Felt nice to finally not have to worry about taking it every day, or always having to remember to bring it with me on trips.

Saw my derm Monday and got a 60% chemical peel. Noticed my face burning a lot more than usual when it was on. Well, my skin was red for the rest of the day, and super super dry for about 4 days after. I usually wake up with an oily face and go to school and have to blot, but for those few days my skin secreted NO oil whatsoever. Sounds like a plus, but when I would feel my skin, it felt way too dry. Not to mention my skin was peeling, so that was a little embarrassing..

Thinking that maybe the new moisturizer I'm using made my skin sensitive. My friend gave me the Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream (Oily/Combo skin) 2 weeks ago and while I do love it, I'm guessing using it the days before my chemical peel made my skin super sensitive.

So, how's my skin been?

I've broken out quite a bit in the past few days, but I'm guessing it's because I haven't been using Epiduo, considering I have to avoid it for a few days after I get a chemical peel. Just started back on it two nights ago so let's hope things get back to normal soon!


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