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5Th Month!



I'm into my 5th month and finally looking so much better! Not ONE cyst anywhere!! I have one tiny, stubborn spot that has something trapped under the skin, but it's not even noticeable and I'm sure it will go away, too. My red marks are even starting to fade. I go out in the sun lately, smile a lot more, let people get close to my face. I just feel so much better all around!!!

The dryness is annoying, of course, but I just mouisturize a lot an use eye drops. Here are photos I took today.


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I;m in my 2n round of accutane, god forbid i have to go a third time. And it's your 5th month you say but in your pics it shows you have some blemishes, red marks. By month5 shouldn't it be clear giving a sign of no future remission?

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Hi ItsAllGoodFellas! Yes, it's unfortunate that I've had to do a 3rd round, but I'm hopeful that it will stick this time. :) I definitely have red marks left over. I had several large, deep cysts before starting this 3rd round of Accutane. Not sure if you saw the pictures, but even they probably don't show how bad it was.

I love the way my face looks right now. I have no active cysts, no little bumps, no blackheads!!! I'm completely acne free right now. The red marks will fade over time, but at least they are easy to cover up now. My acne was almost impossible to cover. Even when I could hide the redness, the cysts were so big that they were very visible and people would ask me what was going on with my skin. Wishing you the best of luck, too!

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