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Week 2

Hey everyone,

The dry lips are coming on strong now, i'm using Vaseline and aquaphor lip treatment which works very well, i still have to apply it a lot throughout the day. My oily skin has basically vanished, i am now just using Cetaphil gentle cleanser once on the night and it seems to be doing the job. Still getting the odd new spot here and there but they seem to go away ALOT quicker than before.

Some parts of my face are starting to flake so i have ordered the Aquaphor soothing skin balm which i intend to put on thick overnight:


I will review this product in my week 3 update.

One thing i've been making sure i do is take the pills with a high fat meal. I've bought a blender and have stared making smoothies that are high fat with stuff such as avocados, yogurts, milk etc. If i eat a meal which isn't high fat i just make a high fat smoothie and take it with that. I believe the main reason why my acne came back after first course was because i was just taking tablets as i pleased and not with a meal.

Overall everything has been going fine. It has surprised me that just after 14 days (on 60mg a day/ weighing 67kg) that it has gotten rid of my oily skin which used to be VERY oily, i would wash my face with a deep scrub and half an hour later it would be oily again.

Fingers Crossed


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cool man, the first time i took accutane i just took it with water most of the time jaja, didn't know better ...now i take with a big mac

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