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Began A Week Long Water Fast This Morning

I cant think of a username


Hello all. I am new to the site but have been reading for a while since I have been desperately trying to get rid of acne for the last 5 years. Just figured I'd let you all know that I began a water fast this morning and I will surely update as I go along if anyone is interested. I have been reading up on it the last few days and it appears that a short term water fast is actually incredibly healthy even though that is not what most people seem to think. So I am gonna give it a shot and see what happens. This seems like the only thing I have not tried yet and I know it will be tough but if it works I don't care. I am so done with this and my mental stability is probably at rock bottom right now.

Also, tbh one of the main reasons I decided to sign up was because over the course of my struggle with acne I have barely ever talked with anyone about it. My family is completely ignorant and insensitive towards it and I am just done bottling everything up. It's also nice to know that I'm not alone even though sometimes it seems like I am.

Anyway, rant over. I will gladly post results as I go along if anyone reads this and cares.

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Can you see a dermatologist? I have had success with Tri-Sprintec birth control, spironolactone and cephalexin and tretinoin and benzaclin. :lol: I hope you are female. your profile is "not telling".

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