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Living Life



It's really weird for me to be writing a post entitled living life, especially when acne has dictated so much of my life. I let it keep me imprisoned for two months in the summer of 2012 and I almost let it drive me to the point of wanting to end my own life. Of course i have depression but acne was a big trigger for me and it has taken away so much of life that I can't even recount all the lost moments that I have missed. But this post is not about going back, it's about moving forward. I sit here thinking that for the last few weeks/months, God has put a calling on my life. A calling to allow him to work through me. A calling to give up my burdens and allow him to take it unto himself. I know for a FACT that I am only able to get through this by his grace. My acne is going back to my pre accutane state and it is doing so very quickly but I have not felt an ounce of stress as if my world is ending. The tightness in my chest that is so common place for me is noticebly absent and I don't feel that too all familiar sense of dread. My acne is not upsetting me and while i want it gone, the fact that it is here is just a minor annoyance rather than a life ending crisis.

I know that it's not me holding me up and giving me the strength to keep on living ...no sir...it's not me. My point it that while we struggle, it is ok to enjoy life in the midst of it all as there is only so much that we can control. And whether you are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Catholic, Buddist, etc, it's important to understand that there is a higher power out there that wants to see us happy and prosperous in the face of challenges.

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