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It All Started When



My acne started shortly after having my first daughter. Before pregnancy I was perfectly clear and had flawless skin. I am sure anyone who has had a similar experience understands how upsetting a change like that can be. Beautiful clear healthy skin to red, painful, irritated, inflamed skin. Now it is 22 years later and I still suffer from acne. The emotional damage is just as bad as the physical damage. In my experience I have allowed my acne to define the women that I am in many ways. Confidence, self esteem, how I see myself ..... you name it . It's been devestating. There have even been moments that I want to break ever mirror that I see and would be happy to stay at home indoors so no one can ever see me. However, I cannot and have not done either. I've "hibernated " at home some weekends and have declined going out on occassion, but I know that I still have to live. But it is hard for me and I have a lot of anxiety about how I look.


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I had severe acne for three years due to not having healthcare as I ran my own business. When I finally got insurance, I sought my old dermatologist:

1. Tri-Sprintec

2. 100mg spironolactone

3. tretinoin

Optional: Benzoyl peroxide/Clindamycin Phosphate and the antibiotic amoxicillin (NEVER MINOCYCLINE-causes blue discolorations in the skin and never clears up acne!) Don't continue to suffer, get some treatment from prescription medications. BTW I am 40 years old now. For some it is a lifelong battle.

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I believe I've taken every medication that Dermatology feels is beneficial for acne prone skin. I have also had various treatments (participated in a levulan/IPL trial), and have taken and still take multiple supplements.

Today I feel that my skin is beginning to change/heal. I started the acne.org regimen on 10-11-14 and though I had a very rough week and a half not long ago, I think it has passed. Breakouts are less severe. I am going to continue using The Regimen with hope it truly gives me clear skin. Or at the very least, I hope the break outs will be dramatically reduced.

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