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2Nd Course Of Accutane (Day 3)

My doctor prescribed me a 2nd course of Accutane, brand name Claravis, after all else failed. First month will be 2 pills of 30mg, so 60mg/day. I weight 160lbs, 5'6.

I took Claravis about 6 years ago and just after a year acne reappeared in small amount but was manageable for 3 years. In the past three years, however, it has gotten back to how i was pre-accutane but without as much oil. After failing with Retin A this summer, my doctor prescribed me Claravis again.

The first time i did accutane i got the basic side effects, nothing severe, except for my lips. I don't if it was because i had sex or smoked cannabis but my entire lip peeled off and was oozing yellow stuff, gross, so i only did 5 months instead of 6 months. This is the only thing that worries me this time around, i hope this second time isn't as bad.

I'm just on Day 3 and have like 5 cysts on my face, oily, and dry due to the benzoyl peroxide 10%. I'm pretty sure this isn't the dreaded Initial breakout.

Do leave comment or helpful advices, Thanks.



I think you might benefit from a lower concentration of BP like 5%. You get it online cheaply like at Amazon.com. They don't usually sell it at drug stores. PEACE!

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Thank you Leanna, but only a 10% BP used twice daily works, i've used 5% before and it isn't sufficient. Eventually i will use no BP once Accutane kicks in like last time.

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Hey bro,

I am in the exact boat, done first course 3 years ago, 1 year after acne came back, progressively got worse and now till the point i have gone on my second course (60mg a day).

Hopefully this second course will do the trick for us, permanently this time too.

Here's my blog if you ever want to see how my course is going

Good luck man

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Where do i enter another entry? there's no button or option to add another entry. I spent half an hour trying to add another entry and can't find it. i go under "options" etc.

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